Translation area

You want artica on other language ? Participate and translate Artica in your favorite language....

This area will help us providing artica into differents languages.
Everybody can participate.
You just need to have an Artica Forum account in order to have a full access to this section.
When a language is complete up to 50% the language pack will be released in next Artica version...



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Current status:

If the language is complete up to 50% then the language pack will be available in next Artica Version.

From English to French (complete 99%)

From English to italian (complete 1%)

From English to spanish (complete 6%)

From English to Polish (complete 2%)

From English to Portuguese (complete 3%)

From English to Brazilian Portuguese (complete 2%)

From English to german (complete 1%)

From English to English (complete 100%)

From English to Russian (complete 0%)