Binaries setup / Build your own Artica appliance

You need a file server, a NAS system, a mail server, a proxy server
Without any human interaction and technical skills ?

Turn your computer ( virtual or not) to an Entreprise server
Download binaries setup based on your Linux distribution.

You have already a Linux system and want to upgrade it.
Your preferred distribution is already installed and configured...
Get the binary setup that will execute your repository manager (yum,apt,zypper,urpmi...) in order to download required components and the latest Artica Version...

Do not install artica on a production system already set, Artica will change your system configuration according its needs that should not meet your configuration files.

Artica For Postfix use a tool help you to reduce the knowledge for installing all the features.
All procedures using the same way to install Artica.
setup-* is a tool the perform the necessaries packages installation using your repository manager in order to install Artica automatically.
Choose your favorite Linux distribution, install the system and download your setup according your distribution

The tool is a 32 Bits binary, if you are using 64 Bits you need to install 32 bits compatibilities libraries.
For Debian or Ubuntu do apt-get install ia32-libs.
For CentOS/Fedora/Mandrake use yum install glibc.i686.
For OpenSuse, Open Yast and select Software Management; Under View select Patterns and choose "32-Bit Runtime Environment", click "Accept".
You can also do this using zypper: zypper install -t pattern 32bit

tar -xf setup-*.tar.gz
chmod 777 setup-*

Install Artica on debian systems

Download setup-debian
tar -xf setup-debian.tgz
chmod 777 setup-*